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I came to AUT at around 2014 and I never really saw the need to join a club or go to events. This all changed when I realized that being in a club gives you more of a chance in New Zealand. Overall, you have more doors opened for you.  So, I joined AUT Accounting Association to get stronger and meet more people. All I can say, is that being a part of a club, asking questions and going to events is something that we should all endeavor to do. I would not have been able to achieve the amount of success that I have, if it wasn’t for AUT Accounting Association.


Nicholas Deo https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholasdeo/

AAA transformed me in a way that I couldn’t have thought of. I was given the opportunities to test and push my limits, to explore the real world that I was about to enter into after graduation, and most importantly, to cultivate relationships. I was, am and will always be thankful for the faith the AUT Accounting Faculty had in me and the tremendous support, coaching, and mentoring my lecturers Dr. Lisa Nguyen and Dr. Gina Xu gave me that made me who I am today.

Anna Nguyen Annanguyen@kpmg.co.nz

Joining the AUT Accounting Association has been one of the most rewarding decisions I made as a student. It not only helps you build a relationship with the industry but with the AUT Accounting fraternity as well. AAA has motivated and encouraged me to accept challenges confidently as an opportunity to gain experience and exposure through values such as principles of leadership, teamwork, and accountability.

Arti Singh arti.singh@westpac.co.nz

Getting involved with AAA helped me to build strong communication skills and build strong industry relationships by constantly being put outside of my comfort zone. Although the benefits you can gain from AAA is invaluable, it is also hard work as you’re not just engaging with industry professionals as just another accounting student but more so as the professional that AAA trains you to be.

Ethan Wright Ethan.Wright@auditnz.govt.nz

Being part of AAA gave me so much perspective on my career prospects. AAA has given me various opportunities to interact with top-level industry professionals, which in turn led to job offers and relationships with industry professionals. My advice for students is to work hard and make the most of everything AAA has to offer you as they aren’t there for show; they’re there for you!!

Manvita Paladugu manvita.x.paladugu@nz.pwc.com

AAA has helped me to grow as an individual in more ways than I could have fathomed. I learned about how to present myself professionally, how to find true confidence in my capabilities, and more importantly, I gained a sense of direction about what I want to do in the field of accounting when I graduate. I can’t stress the importance of joining AAA enough.

Frement Oh frement.oh@skycity.co.nz

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